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Pavement Engineers, Inc. is a State of Washington Woman Business Enterprise firm that specializes in the testing, analysis and design of pavement systems which includes the following types of projects: Design new pavements for counties, cities, airports, and heavy industrial sites using a wide variety of design methodologies; Perform analysis of existing pavements for counties, cities, airports, and heavy industrial sites and recommend methods for rehabilitation; Implement the  pavement management programs PMSPro and provide special studies on the information collected; and Conduct evaluations of new products and procedures for the construction and maintenance of pavements such as hot and cold in-place recycling. We provide a full range of pavement engineering services such a nondestructive dynamic deflection testing, R–Value design, triaxial elastic modulus evaluation, as well as the normal materials testing and evaluation methods and procedures.


                        Pavement Management Systems - GIS Implementation
                        Photologging of Surface Distress
                        Software Development


                        Industrial Areas
                        Roads and Streets
                        Bus Route Analysis
                        Heavy Haul Pavement Analysis
                        Load Limit Analysis


                        Visual Condition Surveys
                        Nondestructive Deflection Testing
                        Load Analysis
                        Life Analysis
                        Present Serviceability Analysis


                        New Product Development
                        New Product Evaluation
                        New Methods of Design and Construction

 Pavement Engineers uses the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) in the evaluation of pavements.  With the FWD and the latest computer programs, the condition the entire pavement structure can be determined and proper corrective action can be recommended.

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